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CEO & Founder, Creu Capital & PEAK CRE

Keynote Speaker Bio

Santiago understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur. His grandfather started a small bakery in Mexico in the early 1940s and revolutionized the bread industry. Today, Grupo Bimbo is at the top of the food chain and is the largest bakery group on the planet.


The entrepreneurial spirit is hard to contain. Expanding into commercial properties and real estate investments followed. Passing from grandfather to son, Santiago’s father grew these businesses. From spending summer breaks as a teenager working in the buildings to putting his accounting degree to use in the office after graduating university, Santiago learned the business from the ground up.


Building on his first-hand knowledge of real estate and property management, Santiago recently started managing all of the real estate assets with an eye for sustainable and ecofriendly building projects through his company Creu Capital. He also runs his own property management company, PEAK CRE. Through this full-service real estate firm, Santiago continues to challenge the ordinary and demonstrates that success comes from dedication to your craft and commitment to hard work.

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